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So Max and I are taking our evening constitutional and we’re walking in the empty lots behind Chief’s row and there’s this cat laying under the tree with a (yeesh) pink flea collar on. I look at her, she looks at me, Max is straining at his collar, she looks at him. I’ve been fooled a few times in the past couple of weeks by lookalike cats, but this one actually said, “Murph?!” while looking from the dog to me. I don’t know who this Murphy person is or why all the cats seem to know him, but Miko has a particular way of speaking Irish, and I was pretty sure. Max got tied to a tree while I walked closer and I could hear the cat purring and I looked at the paws and sure enough…THUMBS! MIKO!!!!!

So know I have 15 pounds of cat who’s not getting anywhere near that dog and I’ve got a dog tied to the tree, and I’m about a quarter mile away from home. From now on, the cell phone goes with me where-ever I go, even on short walks. I walked over to one of the houses with arms full of fast-becoming-tired-of-this-carrying-thing cat and ask if I could use their phone real quick. I call Beautiful Wife, tell her the news, she’s down the street faster than the 15 mile an hour speed limit should allow. She’s practically in tears. I put Miko into the Santa Fe and she takes her home and Max and I finish our walk. And yes, he did his business, he’s such a good puppy.

Max and I get home. Beautiful Wife tells me that Boyo was in tears he was so happy. When he could talk, his first words? “They didn’t even brush her out.” No, son, they didn’t, and don’t use that phrase in mixed company, especially when the gay boys are around, they’ll focus on you like a lazer on Zarquawi’s SUV.

Gypsy Cat is thoroughly disgusted. Not only is THAT CAT back, but the dog’s still here too. Bedtime should be interesting.

Miko and Max? Miko is sitting on top of the cat tree looking down at Max thoroughly disdainful but holding her ground. Gypsy gave up the main floor of the house when Max is unkenneled a week ago. I don’t think Miko’s going to give any ground whatsover.

So now we have two cats and a dog and we’re happy as could be. The animals are adjusting.

And in case you were wondering, no, I’m not going door to door on Chief’s Row and asking who’s the dickhead who presumed to steal our cat. One of those guys is the new Wing Command Chief. I may be pissed, but pissed doesn’t make me as stupid as it used to.

Oh, and one more thing? The fact that I would never walk around base housing if it wasn’t for Max isn’t lost on me one single bit. I don’t know about you, but my God has a very twisted sense of humor.

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Max had a good first night for the most part. We got a big ol’ wire kennel for him for when we’re out of the house and for bedtime. This is NOT cruel to animals. The folks at the shelter recommended it and everything I’ve read says it’s the best way to relieve seperation anxiety for your dogs. He’s got a safe place to just flop and it gives Gypsy cat a break from having to avoid him.

We originally had the kennel in the living room but he cried so loud and started howling that I moved it into our bedroom for now. He settled right down. After I got up and fed Gypsy, I took him out in the backyard so he could relieve himself and he got tons of praise for waiting his turn. The thing about kenneling, is that a dog won’t mess in his “den.” He’s happy having his own space. You’re happy that he isn’t peeing on the rug. Pretty good for a hundred bucks and some change worth of steel, plastic and wool (pad for the bottom).

After we came back in, I had my coffee and then got the leader out for our first long walk of the day. Dogs that are his size and his high energy level, must have a lot of exercise or they’ll bounce off the walls. I don’t think I’m going to have any problems getting rid of the extra pounds that I’ve wanted to lose. Once I get my time down on the mile and a half, I’m thinking I’m going to build up to about five miles a day on the days I’m running. I don’t think I’ll wear Max out and he looks like he’s going to be an amazing running partner. He doesn’t heel too well yet, but I’m sure he’s going to catch on pretty quickly.

When I was mowing the lawn this morning, (yeah, it might be Father’s Day, but he base yard Nazis don’t care) Max was whining at the door. Beautiful Wife thought he might need to pee again so she brought him out. Nope didn’t need to pee, wanted to follow me back and forth across the lawn. Somehow I’ve become his primary human. Part of me thinks that it’s because I moved the kennel, the other part may have been the bit of beef jerkey I slipped him this morning.

He’s not eating much. He nibbles his kibble even after a long walk. I’m not sure if he got shoved aside at the shelter or if he’s still not sure about his surroundings or what’s going on. We’ll keep an eye on him though.

Gypsy has finally come out from under the bed, but is spending most of her time in the cupboard above the refridgerator or on the top “limb” of her “cat tree.” Max whines at her now and then, but isn’t getting too close.

And that’s Max’s day on this Father’s Day. A pretty good present all the way around.