So, I’d put it out there that a liberal commenting on the Tea Parties, or hoping to have some sort of dialogue with a member of a Tea Party, and using the derisive term “tea-bagger” is rather like a white racist using the word “ni**er” in reference to a discussion on civil rights.



  1. It’s definitely analogous to pinko (especially the implied “pinko fag”.) It’s about the same as if the civil rights marchers had been described as n- rights marchers.

  2. Come now we all know it is socially acceptable for liberals to denigrate, discriminate against, and otherwise demean all conservatives.

    After all our refusal to unconditionally accept and enthusiastically agree with their liberal beliefs automatically makes us wrong about everything and our ideas are therefore not worth any consideration what so ever.

  3. Sigivald

    Those using it have no intention of having a “dialogue” or making any sort of comment other than preaching to the choir, of course.

    If they were interested in dialogue, not only would they refrain from cheap sexual innuendo and tittering, but they’d actually talk about ideas and substantive points.

    Doing so would raise the spectre of onlookers perhaps deciding not to agree with them, so it’s far too risky to attempt.

  4. Come now we all know it is socially acceptable for liberals to denigrate, discriminate against, and otherwise demean all conservatives.

    This is incorrect. it should be conservatives and women.

  5. I had no idea what the term “teabagging” meant until the April 15 tea parties. And I wish I still didn’t. Users of the term are either unbelievably crude and closeminded, and no dialog is possible, or they are ignorant and using the term in a “me too, I’m cool” way, so no intelligent dialog is possible, as they are too stupid to pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.

  6. It is a true tragedy that we have lost the concept of fighting words. In my grandfather’s day the words that leftists commonly use today would have earned them a bust in the beezer. Conduct was much more civil.

    There were still those who had such manners but they were not allowed far from the waterfront dives. There were no Bill Mahers. If we could return to the concept of fighting words Keith Oberdork would be tending bar on the wrong side of the tracks in a dreary factory town.

  7. I think it is simply a sign of someone who has nothing constructive to say….

    Kind of like the name-calling bully in school.

    Name calling is always a sign of the weak…. like Keith Olberman’s relentless attacks on Bill O’Reilly.

    Meanwhile, Bill’s ratings keep going up while Olberman is competing w/ the community access channel’s test pattern for viewers.

  8. As Skeeter implied, I had to research the term “tea-bagging” or “tea-bagger” after it started being used to describe the April 15 tea parties.

    As for Phelps’ comment – it’s been so long since I’ve heard anyone use the term “Pinko,” that I had to stop and think about what he/she was referring to. Do people still use that term? If so, towards whom?

    ANYONE who uses disparaging terms, regardless of context or topic is not really interested in civil discourse or meaningful dialogue, in my opinion.