22. October 2006 · Comments Off on Walking the Dog, Choreography By Maximum Dawg · Categories: Critters, General Nonsense

and 5-6-7-8 Up and strettttch, prance-prance-prance, prance-prance-prance, nudge the man’s elbow, nudge the man’s elbow. Sit, look cute, pant-pant-pant.”Help” the man put on his shoes, nudge-nudge-nudge. Sit and wait for leash. Leash is clipped and bound for the door.

Walk-walk-walk, sniff-sniff-sniff, walk-walk-walk, sniff-sniff…plie’ and piddle. Leap away, run-run, STOP, darn leash. Walk-walk-walk, sniff-sniff-sniff, walk-walk-walk, sniff-sniff…gran plie’ and fart and pooooooooop, turn-turn-turn, gran plie’ and poooooop, turn, gran plie’ and poop and kick-kick-kick and BOUND away, run and stop, look at man, pant-pant-pant, head for home.

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